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Ready to up your new’dle game? Introducing OhSo Tasty Kanten Noodle cups! With just 1 minute of cooking time, these instant noodles will tackle any noodle craving you have the moment you think of it. So easy, so good and OhSo Tasty!

From mother/daughter duo, Rhonda and Lauren, comes the OhSo Tasty Kanten New’dles! Rhonda, being born and raised on a small dairy farm in Michigan, started selling organic, non-GMO grains grown on small farms, which quickly received traction, thus growing her customer base and introducing her to a variety of different foods from all around the world! All the while, her daughter Lauren had earned her degree in communications at Michigan State, and while she was in school, Lauren had realized that many folks around her age had little knowledge in nutrition and instead settled for easier and faster compromises. Thus, Rhonda and Lauren had pulled together their findings and research with the mission to share the importance of healthy eating in a simple and affordable way! Choosing from their favorite superfoods from around the world and mixing in some fresh veggies, they created the delectably delicious OhSo Tasty line! 


OhSo Tasty new’dles may be new to some, but Kanten noodles were first developed in Kyoto way back in the 1600’s! Revolutionized for the modern palate nationwide, these low carb new’dles are made from a sea vegetable so they’re high in fiber and lower in net carbs than most noodles on the market today!