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Om Mushroom Superfood

Elevate your daily ritual with the power of mushrooms! Known for their functional superfood benefits, mushrooms have been used in Chinese Medicine and by traditional healers for thousands of years. And there are plenty of reasons why! The benefits of functional mushrooms have been known to promote vitality, immunity and energy, and depending on the type of mushroom, have been used to alleviate stress, balance the metabolic system, and promote anti-aging. Om Mushroom Superfood understands the amazing functionality of these mushrooms and their many health and nutritional benefits, which is why they are dedicated to growing and sharing it with others! Om Mushroom cultivates their functional mushrooms in a pristine, controlled environment in California in order to produce the highest quality of mushrooms - and to prevent any exposure to pesticides, toxins, or heavy metals, which can diminish the quality of the mushrooms. Om Mushroom powders contain the whole mushroom (both mycelium and the fruiting body), for the most optimal nutrients and health benefits. Dehydrated and milled, these organic mushrooms are turned into a powder for easy incorporation into your diet. Om Mushroom does not use any natural or artificial flavouring, so you get just the natural, earthy taste and flavour of the mushrooms. Rich in antioxidants, their mushroom powders can be used in baking, added to smoothies, or made into a coffee. Keto-friendly, gluten-free and vegan, Om Mushroom’s mushroom powder provides you with the key to optimum health, vitality and wellness.