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Omega Bun

Omega Bun began after a mother and daughter duo set off on a wellness journey. After eliminating grains and sugar from their diet, the duo knew that they could not live without bread, so they set off to create a healthier bread. And, after many attempts they landed on a recipe that would improve their health and the health of those we love most, forming what is now known as Omega Bun. At Omega Bun, we believe in feeding your family only the best foods made from the best ingredients so we keep our bread free of nuts, gluten, grains, added sugars, and dairy, Our buns are high in fibre, keto-friendly, low in sugar and easy to make. We hope that with our healthy bun mixes your search for truly healthy and tasty bread alternatives will come to an end. We design our low-carb bread mixes to be a blessing to your health and your taste buds! At Omega Buns, we wouldn’t feed you anything that we wouldn’t feed our loved ones. With Omega Buns, you’ll get the bread with the most flavor and nutrients, the best texture, and the least amount of mess-- Welcome to the family!