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Making Nourishment Deliciously Easy

Chia Smash is our simple, nutritious spin on 'jam.' Bursting with real fruits, packed with chia seeds and sweetened only with dates, our Chia Smash is made to taste great and make you feel great. No refined sugars. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. You can trust every bite.

Real. Simple. Ingredients

Made with just four ingredients; fruit, chia seeds, dates and lemon juice. That's it.

With less than 3g of sugar, 20 calories per serving, and boasting nutritional benefits including omega 3-s and fiber, it's sweetness without the sacrifice!

What is 'Smash'?

Smash is our simple, nutritious spin on 'jam.'

Did you know that for jam to be called 'JAM', it has to be 55% sugar by weight - yes, you heard right. At 2-3g of sugar per serving vs. 10-15g in traditional jams, we’re just a fraction of that.

At Oswald Co. we don't conform to norms. We smashed conventions and packed our chia smash with real fruits and sweetened them only with a touch of dates. The rest is history.

How do you Smash?

Spread ~ Swirl ~ Dollop ~ Dip

Chia Smash is more than just the partner to your peanut butter!