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At Paesana, we are the chefs behind the magic. Founded in 1902, our family business began by importing high-quality ingredients straight from the farms in Italy all the way to New York. We initially worked incognito and created hundreds of products with our imported ingredients for private labels that may already be in your pantry. In the beginning, Paesana remained un-named. But, after nearly half a century, we decided to use our plant-based Italian pasta sauces to honour our great-grandparents. We named our brand Paesana, to represent the core values of our family: friendship, warmth, and caring. We create our vegan pasta sauces with only the best ingredients and ensure that it is dairy-free, kosher, plant-based, and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Our authentic Italian pasta sauces are our greatest treasure, so we take every step possible to reflect our pride in our Italian heritage. At Paesana, we choose to focus on the process of creating food knowing that it will lead us to a tasty result. To this day, we hand select our ingredients straight from farms in Italy and bring smiles to kitchen tables. At Paesana, making delicious pasta sauces is not our job, it’s our passion!