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Peeled Snacks has become a pioneer in healthy snacking options. We know life gets busy sometimes and you don’t always have time to prepare healthy snacks. Our snacks are a healthy and convenient option for snackers of all ages. Organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher, we have something for everyone. Just because you’re busy living life, it doesn’t mean you can’t have healthy snacks. That’s where we come in! We are proud to make snacks for wherever life takes you. All of our ingredients are sourced from a diverse network of sustainable and responsible farmers. These ingredients are naturally delicious so we don’t add sugars, sulfites, or preservatives. Our snacks can be eaten right out of the bag or in your favorite recipes; a pantry staple for sure!

And, just when you thought that we couldn’t do it, we did. We’ve created a healthy snack for every type of snacker! We’ve got sweet clusters, dried fruit and even crispy, salty snacks! These are the types of snacks that are designed for the nervous snacker, the “I’m eating because I’m bored snacker”, the movie snacker, the student snacker, the working snacker, the party snacker and the busy snack fanatics! Our snacks feed your palate without feeding your worries. Every bag delivers in quality, taste and nutrition. Our snacks even offer half a cup of fruits or veggies per serving! It’s the perfect snack for the pickiest of eaters. And, with plenty of fibre per serving, you’ll be keeping your gut healthy. Plus, the extra fibre will ensure you stay fuller, longer. And, with no added sugar you will never have to worry about feeling sluggish after eating our snacks. Our snacks are simply snack-isfactory. Try them all today!