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Pinky Up

Adult tea parties and afternoon tea have found their perfect match with Pinky Up’s loose leaf teas. Created in 2016, this Seattle-based tea company offers decadent, luxurious teas with a feminine flair. Made from high-quality ingredients and packed with antioxidants and superfoods, Pinky Up teas are the perfect low-calorie indulgence. With fresh flavour blends made of herbs, tea leaves, fruits, spices and botanicals, each flavour note has been carefully selected to enhance your tea sipping experience. Pinky Up’s luxury teas allow you to enjoy the sweetness of baked treats like buttery sugar cookies and tart rhubarb cobbler - but without the sugar and calories! So you can indulge in any craving guilt-free. When you open up a can of Pinky Up loose leaf teas, you’ll be taken on an aromatic journey, that will take your Sunday tea time to a new level of luxury and relaxation.