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Plant Based Chef

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Our plant-based burger mixes were created by John Koveos B.Sc, H.D in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, after suffering a near-death accident in 2004. John knew that he had acquired substantial injuries but, he knew exactly what he needed to recover. At this moment, John turned to plant-based, vegan foods and shortly after the plant-based chef was born. John began creating keto-friendly, high protein, no-sugar-added, vegan products and offered them to patients in his clinic that had undergone similar situations. His patients could not believe that products that were so healthy could be so delicious. Shortly after, word of mouth about his products began to spread. These scientifically formulated, dry plant-based burger mixes caught the attention of many. And, now everyone has the opportunity to eat more plant-based foods without the inconvenience. Our vegan burger patty and meatball mixes allow you to create plant-based recipes in 10 minutes or less. It’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s healthy and it's delicious. Our products give everyone the opportunity to choose the healthiest products to improve their lives!