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On a hot summer’s day, 5 healthcare professionals bonded over their mutual dislike for coconut water in the blazing heat. Suffering from dehydration, one of our founders who grew up in the desert made a remark that would change the game for known and closeted coconut water haters everywhere. He said, “Man - I’d give ANYTHING for some Cactus Water right now!” Then it hit! The fruits of cactuses, called Prickly Pears, contain a sweet juice that tastes just like watermelon bubblegum.  Not only is this superfruit juice tasty, but it is also known for its high concentration of disease-fighting antioxidants and its endless health benefits. Amazed by the health benefits and the flavours, we knew that we couldn’t keep this a secret, we had to share it with the world. And, after a year of testing, Pricklee was born--a superfruit water with half the sugar and half the calories of coconut water, and if we might say ourselves, a much better flavour! Thanks to Pricklee Superfruit Water, you don’t have to drink coconut water anymore! Go on now, you can admit that you hate coconut water too, Pricklee is here for you!