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From boxing matches to office meetings, PRIME will quench your thirst throughout it all! No more plain water to struggle drinking through, PRIME is hydration meets great taste!
From the minds of rival competitors, KSI and Logan Paul, comes a brand that’s like no other; PRIME Hydration! These two like minded individuals put aside their rivalry to pool their knowledge together when they realized that they were both dealing with the same gap between having an effective beverage and a great tasting one, thus creating the brand that’s reinventing the hydration drink game; PRIME! Now you can keep feeling refreshed and hydrated as you power through your days. With 4 delicious flavors and bottled for your convenience you can enjoy the prime of your life with PRIME! Take it on the go with you anywhere and feel like your absolute best. With absolutely no added sugars and using coconut water as a course of natural electrolytes, these hydration drinks are perfect for any time of day, whether you’re sweating through a work out session or powering through those work meetings, you can hydrate yourself with PRIME!