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Project 7

Project 7

Project 7 started in 2008 with a vision to build a brand that provides better sweet treats while also helping to fund critical areas of need, like hunger, clean drinking water, and shelter. We made candy that you can truly feel good about eating 7 days a week!.We began with chewing gum, and quickly became known for our fun, whimsical flavors like Birthday Cake, Rainbow Ice, and Cotton Candy, to name a few. Our customers and fans were begging for more! What started with chewing gum has now evolved into a magical assortment of gummies, lollipops, sour ropes, chews, and more that are suitable for every candy lover on the planet.

But Project 7 candy is more than just a delicious treat. We’ve taken tried-and-true candy classics and made them better! Better for you and better for the environment. We’ve gone a step further to dramatically reduce the sugar, carbohydrates, and calories out of our candy too, while still maintaining the mouthwatering, nostalgic flavors our customers have come to love and crave. Many of our candies contain 1g of sugar or less, perfect for diabetics or those that want to watch their sugar intake. Without excessive amounts of sugar, you won’t feel that “sugar crash” after eating our candies. You also won’t have to worry about the little ones getting too hyper after eating our candies. “Too good to be true” has finally met its match, and we can’t wait for you to try it!