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We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve tried all of today’s health foods and nothing seemed to meet our expectations. It either has too much sugar, too many carbs, or too many “what is that?” moments. Or it just has no flavour, and we’re not putting up with it any longer. We created ProSpread because we believe that healthy and tasty food can co-exist, and we have the healthy spreads to prove it. We are ProSpread -- a Canadian company committed to making pantry staples that are healthier and tastier. Whether it's a little drizzle, a dip, or a spoonful, our keto-friendly pantry staples make eating a joyful and healthy experience. We create each of our products with plant-based ingredients, no sugar, and lots of character and diversity. Each of our keto spreads has a bold flavour that satisfies your sweet cravings and leaves you feeling satisfied. With ProSpread, you can conquer your sweet cravings without experiencing a sugar coma, a carb overload, or the guilt that comes with it. At ProSpread, we create good food that is worth spreading the word about.