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We’re Puffworks - a small, Oregon-based company on a mission to make snacking healthier and nuttier. At Puffworks, we’re nuts for peanut butter and clean-label snacks! Organic peanut butter is the main ingredient in all of our healthy vegan snacks. It provides a good source of plant-based protein and keeps our snacks gluten-free, low in sugar, and free of GMOs. Oh, and did we mention that it makes our snacks extremely crave-worthy? Our crunchy and airy puffs combined with creamy, organic peanut butter creates a snack to remember. And, since we only choose the best ingredients, this is one snack that you can feel good about consuming every day. With Puffworks, you can live out your peanut butter dreams and help spread healthier snacks! We believe that peanut butter is not just for a PB & J sandwich, for baking, or for smoothie bowls. For us, peanut butter has all the right nutrients to make it into our healthy snacking regime. At Puffworks, we’re all about sharing! Sharing our love for peanut butter, for healthy snacking, and for a healthier lifestyle. So, don’t be afraid to pass the puff and help share healthier snacking with Puffworks!