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Pyure Organic is all about no sugar, no calories and absolutely nothing artificial. Eating food that has more fibre, or trying to hit the gym because you need to burn calories you regret consuming a night before, are just worries of today we all struggle with. 

But what if we told you we have a little something for you that is not just organic, but plant-based, zero-calorie sugar alternative made using organic stevia, or perhaps a better way to look at it is - a healthy decision you get to make each day. 

 Well, now you’re probably wondering how we make it happen? 

 Step 1: To begin with, we first harvest and dry the highest quality leaves from the best tasting species of organic, non-GMO stevia plants.

 Step 2: Then through a procedure similar to that of steeping tea, we extract the extremely sweetest part of the stevia leaf. 

 Step 3: The final step, we are then left with what is known as Reb A, a fine white powder that is 350 times the sweetness of table sugar!

 Still curious about stevia?

Well, stevia has been harvested for hundreds of years and is grown worldwide now. Hard to believe but there are more than 250 species of stevia with different flavors and traits. Stevia is also a part of the sunflower family and is a sustainable plant. The best part? Pyure only uses the sweetest part of the leaf to ensure there’s a consistency in sweetness and no bitterness. 

 We at carry some of Pyure Organic’s best products so you don’t miss out on a sweet opportunity to create some great tasting memories with the food you love! Check out our organic products and add the much-desired sweetness to your life and food, today.