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Red Vines

Red Vines

Navigate through the TWISTS and TURNS of life with Red Vines Twists candy! Your sweet tooth will thank you later!
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About Red Vines

Red Vines has played a key role in celebrating the sweet occasions in life for over 100 years! They take pride in their artisanal techniques that have been transferred through 5 generations. Red Vines candy is filled with exceptional flavour and high quality! Their focus is to consistently provide you with fat-free and fresh Red Vines products!

Red Vines encourages you to continuously extend acts of kindness and to pay it forward to those around you!

Red Vines Products

Red Vines Made Simple candy is made with real sugar and contains only 100 calories per serving! Their Made Simple candy is made with only non-GMO ingredients and is a delicious AND sweet treat! 

Whether you’re celebrating at home or with your friends, this candy is the perfect way to make sweet memories and satisfy your sweet tooth!