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ReGrained has reimagined the snack game! After noticing the amount of grain that was being wasted while brewing their own beer at home, Dan and Jordan, the co-founders of ReGrained, began to bake bread with the leftover grains. Realizing that brewing companies were disposing of high quantities of this leftover grain, which was typically used for compost, animal feed or just dumped at a landfill, they discovered the potential that upcycling this nutrient-dense flour could provide. That is how the concept of ReGrained was born - and it’s this upcycled grain flour that is the main ingredient of their savoury, crispy Regrained puffs! This hero ingredient, a sustainable upcycled flour called SuperGrain+, contains a high nutritional value - as the sugars from the grains go into the beer, what is left behind is an abundance of plant protein, micronutrients and prebiotic fibre! Regrained’s light and tasty puffs are low fat, low calorie, low carb snacking options - making them a much healthier alternative to chips, as these puffs are dried, not fried! So you can snack consciously knowing that not only are Regrained puffs are good for you and for the environment - sounds like a win-win situation to us!