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RISE Brewing Co.

RISE Brewing Co.

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At RISE Brewing Co., we put our love and passion into everything we make. Since 2014, we’ve woken up with a mission to create the best drinks on the planet and we won’t sleep until we do. We’re passionate about living a healthy and tasty lifestyle, so we set out to make our dreams and the dreams of many come true, one sip at a time. We create drinks with a refreshingly smooth texture and a heavenly flavour. Our organic drinks are great on their own, but they are also expertly designed to enhance the flavour of any food. Our organic beverages raised the bar for vegan drinks everywhere by excluding any gums, artificial flavours and colours. Our vegan oat beverages fulfilled a health lover's dream by filling the gap between healthy and tasty beverages. Before RISE Brewing Co., there were no organic oat milks on the market, so we created our own. At RISE Brewing Co., we simply make better tasting beverages with better ingredients. We provide creamy and smooth plant-based beverages to help fuel your dreams and create a better tomorrow. With RISE Brewing Co., your dreams are one sip away.