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Rise Protein Bar

Rise Protein Bar

Made in small batches, Rise Bar is purposefully designed with nutrient-dense, high-quality, and simple ingredients to help you rise above.

In 2010, Pete Spenuzza set out to develop a high-quality protein bar made of simple ingredients and exceptional nutrition. As a person who believes that everyone has the ability to rise above and achieve their dreams, he named us Rise Protein Bar. We knew that what you put into your body affects everything from how you think, perform and behave. So we designed the world's simplest protein bar. Using only real ingredients and avoiding any artificial ingredients, this simple protein bar became a huge success.

With an artisanal approach, each Rise bar is made in small batches with high-quality ingredients. Purposefully designed with nutrient-dense almonds, cashews, and other nuts that are rich in amino acids, minerals, and healthy fats, Rise delivers everything you would need in order to rise above.