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Asian-inspired real-fruit sparkling water--here at Sanzo, we're all about: bridging cultures through authentic flavours that you can feel good about drinking!

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We're Sanzo. We're a new line of sparkling waters that celebrate the best of Asian flavours—without all the added sugars.

We're founded by Sandro Roco, a Queens-born Filipino American who grew up eating traditional Filipino dishes like adobo and lumpia. As a kid, he was always amazed by how much flavour there was in these meals—and how complex and delicious they were despite being made with just a handful of ingredients.

So when he moved to New York City as an adult and noticed that there were two kinds of Asian brands: legacy brands that were loaded with preservatives and sugars, and new-age brands that were clean, modern, and low in sugar, he thought it was time for something better.

So he set out to create his own line of sparkling water that would bridge cultures. He wanted to bring together the best flavours from around Asia using real fruit and no added sugars—and we believe he did it!