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BIG gains and BIG Taste! You can have the best of both worlds with Schinoussa products!
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Did you hear the news? Schinoussa products are WHEY too good to miss out on! 

About Schinoussa

In 2004, founder John Koveos was in a fatal accident which caused many injuries. After his accident, John used the knowledge he had to create a powerful superfood to help him recover. The superfood that John used was Schinoussa sea vegetables, and he released this formula in 2005 to his clinic. John’s clients responded to this immediately and the buzz of his creation quickly spread. 

Today, these products are well known and used across Canada!

Schinoussa Products 

Schinoussa products are scientifically developed and therapeutic. This provides people with the opportunity to pick the healthiest products that will help them live a healthy life!

Schinoussa whey isolates are easy to use, clump-free, and mix well with the beverages of your choice!