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Scout Canning

From sea to table, for Scout Canning it’s all about preservation. From providing the highest quality of preserved, fresh-caught fish, to the ethical practices they use to do their part to preserve the ocean and it’s ecosystems - with Scout Canning, you can taste the difference. And not only because they provide great tasting, clean seafood that’s fished right out of the oceans in North America and right into your hands - but also because of the heart and soul that goes into each and every one of their products. It seems fitting that Scout Canning started in the Maritimes - with Chef Charlotte Langley, who’s passion for seafood and 15 years of expertise working in the seafood culinary scene in some of the most creative seafood kitchens in Canada, began to dream of a way for others to enjoy fresh seafood more locally. On a mission to perfect the craft of canned preservation and bring trusted seafood to North America, Chef Charlotte created Scout: a responsible seafood company with a focus on respecting our oceans and waterways, as well as on clean, ethical practises. From reducing food waste to using ethical packaging, and only working with responsibly managed fisheries that prioritize their workers well being - Scout Canning is helping to evolve and transform the seafood industry. Scout also reinvests 1%  back into climate action projects, to do their part to further help our oceans. So you can enjoy fresh fish tuna, trout, and lobster straight from the ocean - while also knowing you’re getting the highest quality of preserved fish, right from our local waters. Enjoy some rainbow trout on fresh greens for a light and tasty lunch, or top Scout’s Canning buttery lobster onto a toasted baguette, and enjoy with some warm chowder on days when you need something more hearty!