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Secret Foods

Secret Foods

The secret is out! There's a new condiment in town. And it's not just any old condiment, either—it's Secret Foods' tahini sauce! A clean, all-natural, plant-based alternative to traditional condiments that you can dip, drizzle, and dress!

What's the secret you ask? 


The answer is simple…Secret Food’s tahini sauce is made with a lot of love, and some pretty amazing ingredients!


At Secret Foods, we believe in keeping things simple. Founded by Anna Jane in honour of her Lebanese heritage and both her parents, it's an homage to their rich culinary history—but with a modern twist on classic recipes! We use only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products so that when you open up one of our jars, there are no secrets or hidden ingredients lurking inside—just pure deliciousness waiting for you to enjoy!

Our tahini sauce is a deliciously creamy, all-natural alternative to traditional condiments. It's got everything you need to take your favourite dishes from good to great–we're talking creamy and nutty, with just the right amount of tangy-sweetness that makes every bite taste like you're eating something out of a dream.


So whether you're dipping your veggies into our tahini sauce or pouring it over your favorite salad or stir-fry, we've got you covered with our range of delicious flavors. It’ll be your kitchen’s newest secret ingredient!