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Shape Foods is here to reintroduce the original superfood - Flax, coming to you straight from the Canadian Prairies! Located in Brandon, Manitoba, Shape Foods focuses on providing only the freshest, purest quality of wholesome flax products to the world!  Shape Foods believes that flax is a part of a healthy diet and here’s why you should too: flax is rich in protein and fibre, as well as omega-3 fatty acids - which our bodies need in order to thrive, but cannot produce on its own. Flax is an excellent source of these much-needed omega-3 nutrients and is comparable to the omega’s found in fish oils. This means that you can get the same omega-3’s from flax that you can from taking fish oil supplements but without that dreaded fishy taste!  Incorporating flax in your diet is easy too! Try adding flax to your morning smoothie, mixing it into your oatmeal or cereal, sprinkling it on your yogurt bowl, or adding to your baking, for some added nutrients and plant-based protein. Or swap out of your usual cooking oil for flaxseed oil, for a healthier cooking oil option, loaded with health benefits! With Shape Foods selection of flax products, getting enough protein, fibre and omega-3’s is easy, simple and delicious with this ultimate superfood!