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Meet the drink that does it all, a wellness shot, a bubbly beverage, and an overall good vibe: Shrubbly! A drink you can enjoy straight out of the can, you can have your shot, your way with Shrubbly’s superdrinks, we just know they will be your next bubbly bestie!

At Shrubbly, they believe in doing good work, chasing dreams and taking their best shot! Shrubbly’s mission since the beginning was to make regenerative drinks to boost people and places up to their fullest potential. It was a long time coming and the Shrubbly team wasn’t unfamiliar with hardships, especially after just shelving their cans in 2020 at local stores and cafes, Covid had hit and they had to keep persevering through it for their dream. If anything, Covid empowered them even more to pursue their dreams, making them clearer than ever! 

After working through the brunt of covid, Shrubbly had continued on, reinventing the purposeful beverages game with their Shrubs by harkening a new era of the old time American mixers and making them fit what the modern diet! Light and refreshing, Shrubbly uses an apple cider vinegar base to keep your tummy happy while you indulge in the rich, earthy tastes of their pressed fruit shrubs!



Shrubbly’s bubbly superdrinks are made with a powerhouse nutrient that helps your gut stay happy; apple cider vinegar, and pressed fruits, spices with herbs! Then these Shrubs are used to add crisp flavor to sparkling water and canned to keep all that bubbly goodness contained until you’re ready to crack it open! A daily supershot and a fun beverage to pair with your lunch or dinner, now that’s a superdrink!