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Chocolate for every mood--Siddha Remedies have expertly crafted and formulated their chocolate bars to not only taste delicious but also serve as functional supports in physical and emotional wellness. Made from certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and sweetened with coconut sugar, each bar contains a unique, powerful serving of various potent herbal extracts and flower essences, such as maca root, hibiscus flowers and green tea leaf -  designed to naturally elevate your physical and emotional health. Made in small batches in California, Siddha Remedies’ vegan chocolate bars are a low sugar, keto-friendly option that heightens your overall health and well-being. With fibre and prebiotics in each and every bar, to support healthy digestion. These nutrient-rich chocolate bars are safe for children and adults - so anyone can invigorate their senses and elevate their health with Siddha Remedies organic dark chocolate bars.