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Mo’ hot cocoa means mo’ mental acuity and SillyCow Farms’s allergen-free hot chocolate blend is the perfect cocoa for that focus you’re looking for! Feel your mind clear after each sip of this simply made, certified non-GMO hot cocoa that can be enjoyed for any time of day, on the go, or curled up with a book at home!

SillyCow Farms has moo-ved in with the delicious, allergen-free hot chocolate that will make you feel healthier and better while you indulge in a cup or a few, who’s counting? Not SillyCow Farms, who created hot chocolate that you can enjoy without those ingredients that outweigh the benefits that come with it. Hot chocolate or cocoa have natural flavonoids that increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain, thus promoting better mental acuity and reducing blood pressure, but with the preservatives used for conventional hot chocolate and cocoa, these crucial benefits are often compromised, now isn’t that just silly? 

At SillyCow Farms, they revamped your favorite cup of cocoa with all real, and all simple ingredients, so that they can preserve these benefits in their delicious hot chocolate in their very eco-conscious, up-cycled, and not to mention iconic pint bottles! Indulge yourself silly with a cup of SillyCow Farms hot chocolate and feel like your best self while doing so.


SillyCow Farms hot chocolate swirl is blended and filled in an allergen free facility (free of dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, shellfish, fish, and nuts), and is made with simple ingredients so you can enjoy all the benefits that your favorite cup of hot cocoa can bring to you! This certified gluten free hot chocolate is perfect for cozying up with at home, or can even be taken on the go, all you need is 2 spoonfuls in your favorite mug and feel the magic of this hot chocolate!