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We love coffee, but it seems that coffee doesn’t love us back, and we're not alone. After undergoing a healing journey, we realized that our body had been rejecting coffee for many years, and we just hadn’t been listening. However, as two foodies we did not think for a second that we’d be able to give up our coffee addiction, but we needed to. We did not want to give up what we love, so we got to work to create a spectacular replacement that is the REAL deal. We carefully selected our ingredients to make a coffee replacement that anyone could love, no matter what type of healing journey they were on: AIP, paleo, keto, vegan, etc. We were intentional in our coffee-making process and focused on what mattered most, the quality! We prioritize the quality of our products and your health, so we utilized herbal ingredients that would help you heal from the inside out. But, of course we couldn’t ignore the flavour. We knew that our product had to be good enough to turn you into a foodie, a coffee-substitute obsessed one we might add. At Sip Herbals, we created a coffee substitute that you’ll want to share with the world, and that will make quitting coffee the easiest task on your to-do list. With Sip Herbals, coffee will be a thing of the past!