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Sir Kensington's was a lofty dream shared by Mark Ramadan and Scott Norton during their undergraduate studies. The two noticed the food world was changing for the better, but that condiments hadn't quite caught up yet. Mark and Scott set out to change that. They left their corporate jobs and took on their dreams by officially launching Sir Kensington's in 2010. At Sir Kensington’s our mission is to make home cooking a fine dining experience. With Sir Kensington’s condiments, your home will become the new must-visit restaurant. Sir Kensington’s sauces are designed to step up your cooking in simple ways. A little spread, drizzle or dip in any of our condiments will elevate your home-cooking to restaurant level. At Sir Kensington’s our job is to defend the dignity of food, so we aim to make our products gluten-free, keto-friendly, non-GMO, paleo-friendly, and plant-based whenever possible. We believe that food connects us, so we won’t let harmful ingredients stand in the way between us and amazing food. And, thanks to Sir Kensington, now you don’t have to! Go on and get your 5-star review!