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Slice Of Life

Want to know the secret for making the perfect Keto bread? It starts with Slice of Life’s Carb Wise Bread Mix! This easy-to-make Keto bread mix contains a unique blend of almond flour, psyllium husk, pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds, which means you get a low carb, gluten-free bread that is made with wholesome, high-quality ingredients - for extra health benefits and nutrition. Preparation is simple, and baking time is only an hour, which means you can have fresh, bakery-style Keto bread ready to eat in no time! Slice of Life’s low-carb bread mix is also processed in a gluten-free facility that meets the highest level of production standards. So you can feel safe choosing Slice of Life as your gluten-free bread mix alternative too. This high protein low carb bread mix meets our standards when it comes to taste, texture and nutrition and we know it’ll meet yours too - because in life, we don't just take a bite out of it, we take the whole slice!