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Snapdragon’s instant ramen cups will be ready in a snap! Quick and easy to make, and made with less sugar, now you can slurp on and go about your day without devoting too much time into making a meal. Spruce it up with your own veggies and other toppings to further immerse yourself in Snapdragon’s ramen experience!

At Snapdragon, they believe in compacting big flavors into instant, convenient ways. They scoured the different flavors of Asian cuisine to bring about the boldest, richest, most authentic flavors from Asia and packaged them in an instant cup, so that when you’re in that mood for great tasting ramen or pho, you can have it, instantly and with no compromises either. Short on time but looking for restaurant quality noodles? Snapdragon has got you covered. And every packaging of Snapdragon ramen and pho cups are 100% recyclable too. Now you can enjoy ramen in a snap with Snapdragon cups! 



Snapdragon’s instant ramen and pho cups contain no added sugars while still retaining the same, great, authentic taste of restaurant quality ramen and pho! Savory and delicious, get your slurp on and get it on instantly with Snapdragon’s quick cooking times. Convenience and deliciousness all in one recyclable cup!