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At Sonoma Gourmet, we’ve got the sauce! We help keep things interesting in the kitchen with sauces that are unique, vibrant, and more than anything, flavourful! Flavour is always our first ingredient, and we’re not willing to compromise on it. As Chefs, we wouldn’t dare to serve you something without flavour! It’s why we cook in small batches with tonnes of organic herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients right from Sonoma Valley. Fresh, real, healthy, and delicious, is how we create all of our products. And, did we mention that many of our products are keto, paleo, vegan, and Whole30-friendly too? That’s right, at Sonoma Gourmet we make healthy and delicious happen! We spend all of our time in the kitchen experimenting, creating, and tasting healthy sauces for you to enjoy with your friends and family. And, every time we do it, we raise the bar even higher! So, whenever you pour it, spread it, or dip in it, our vibrant sauces make your food even better, healthier, and saucier! Sauce, anyone?