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Soylent is where nutrition meets convenience. These plant-based meal replacements are the perfect thing to have when you’re crunched for time and still need your energy to keep you going throughout your day!

Fueling themselves on a a diet of frozen meals and ramen noodles, soon to be Soylent co-founders Rob Rhinehart, Matt Cauble, John Coogan, and David Renteln who’d met in 2013 in Silicon Valley had begun to have enough of the frustrating meals that they were choosing to nourish themselves with, and the effects of these convenient but not so healthy meals became to show. They came together under a unified front in that everyone should be able to easily nourish themselves without breaking the bank and without devoting too much time in hand picking ingredients. They thought; why not just do it all in no time? Taking inspiration from the classic novel Make Room! Make Room by Harry Harrison who’d touched on food and energy resources and the exponential growth in population and how to effectively siphon what was needed for nutrition, they pooled their knowledge together to create Soylent; the plant-based meal replacement! From humble beginnings as a nutritious mixable powder to an innovative meal replacement shake that’s high in protein and nutrient dense, Soylent continues to expand as a great and easy to enjoy meal replacement that works for any time of day, especially when you have no time in the day!   



Soylent vegan friendly meal replacements are high protein, plant based meals that can work whenever you’re on the go! Conveniently packaged and dense with the necessary nutrients to get you through your day, Soylent can be a great and easy way to substitute a breakfast, lunch, even a dinner if you’re constantly going!