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Spice things up with Spicely Organics! All of Spicely Organics spices are certified organic - meaning that they are made using pure ingredients, with any GMO’s. Spicely Organics goes one step further and ensures that all of their imported spices are sterilized without the use of synthetic chemicals, sprays or radiation. Instead, they use a steam sterilization process that safely removes bacteria, fungus and any potential pathogens from your food, while also ensuring the quality and health benefits of the spices are not compromised. Spicely Organics uses sustainable, eco-friendly practices to source all of its spices from all around the world. With Spicely Organics, you can add flavour to your dishes, drinks, and desserts without having to worry about things that can harm your health like MSG, or hazardous sprays and fungicides. All Spicely Organics spices are gluten-free, vegan and kosher - which means they are inclusive!  With Spicely Organics, you get authentic flavour and the great taste of spices - but without the worry!