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Sunshine Nut Co.

At Sunshine Nut Co. we’re all about making every day a sunny day! We’re based out of Mozambique where we farm and roast our cashews, and make the world a better place to live. Sunshine Nut Co. is unlike any other company as we only keep 10% of the profits from our delicious cashews. The rest? Well, it finds its way into the hands of the less fortunate in Mozambique. From employment to education to housing to medical care, by purchasing any of our roasted cashew snacks you are helping to better the lives of others. Our goal at Sunshine Nut Co. is to make the world better by making the best cashews out there. We sustainably farm our cashews so our impact is more than just amongst the people. Our unique environment allows us to create a better tasting, more nutritious vegan snack for you to enjoy so we plan on taking every step to take care of it and the people in it. We roast our cashews within three weeks of harvesting to preserve their flavour and freshness. We avoid the use of GMOs and keep our nut snacks gluten and dairy-free for many to enjoy. You can trust that with Sunshine Nut Co., the snack forecast will always be sunny and nutritious!

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