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Sunwink’s here for your superfood needs! Totally organic, plant powdered with powerhouse ingredients like chicory, dandelion and celery, Sunwink’s superfood powder mixes will have you beaming like the sun from how great you’ll feel!

After Sunwink’s co-founder and CEO, Eliza, was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, she scoured the grocery aisles searching for a clean, plant-based products that could go along with her new and necessary lifestyle but found her searches had run dry when she found next to nothing that she could use and enjoy using. Eliza knew that she wouldn’t have been the only one out there in her position, coming up short to find real, plant-powered products, and so, she decided to be the answer to her needs, thus Sunwink was born! Made with the great minds of nutritionists and plant medicine experts, Sunwink comes as a superpowered Superfoods pal that anyone can easily integrate in their diets! Glow like the sun and feel just as bright inside and out with these carefully crafted superfood powder mixes that you can have in your morning smoothies on the go, or just in a drink of cold water, and feel that power energizing you and your gut throughout the day, all you need is just 1 scoop and you’re set!  



Sunwink’s Superfoods Powder Mixes are easy to integrate into your diet! Just 1 scoop a day equals to 1 serving of vegetables. No more worrying about how many greens you’re getting in your meals with Sunwink’s organic, no sugar added superfood blends!