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Tea Drops

Tea Drops

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We LOVE tea, but we don’t love the mess that tea bags leave behind. Tea bags are not eco-friendly and an unnecessary part of the tea experience. So, we ditched the tea bag and created something magical. At Tea Drops, we created an eco-friendly tea that is high in quality and fair trade. We take our carefully selected organic ingredients and shape them into a drop, so you can stop, drop and sip. At Tea Drops, we work to bring the magic back into every aspect of our lives, especially tea time. Our tea drops are vegan, gluten-free, kosher, low in sugar or sugar-free, and absolutely magical. Our Tea Drops help to reduce waste by 15% and make the planet a better place to live in. Our Tea Drops are not only better for your health and the environment, but they are also better for society. By supporting Tea Drops, you help to provide clean water to individuals throughout the world and to create a better life for tea growers everywhere. With Tea Drops, everyone can gather around and feel the magic of tea time.