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It all started with a dream. In 1993, our founder, Caroline MacDougall,  had a powerful dream that changed her life. She dreamt of herbs, a blooming business, and even the business’ name. Once awakened, Caroline felt that her dream could easily become a reality given her many years of experience in the herbal tea industry. Driven by her intolerance to caffeine and its acidity, Caroline felt instantly compelled to experiment with the herbs she had seen in her dream to create a drink that would satisfy the urge for caffeine without the negative effects. With over 20 years of experience in the herbal tea industry, Caroline utilized her knowledge of herbs and nutrition to create caffeine-free versions of common coffee drinks. Years later, Teeccino has taken the world by storm with its unique coffee alternative flavours that can satisfy your every need. At Teeccino, we’ve been working for over 10 years to develop plant-based, fair trade, and caffeine-free coffee alternatives that speak to every coffee flavour preference. Our coffee alternatives are packed with probiotics, heart-healthy potassium, and feel-good ingredients. Our products are not coffee or tea, but rather a combination of the positive attributes of both coffee and tea. With Teeccino, you’ll never have to worry about a caffeine-crash or an upset stomach. Our products embody the healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle and are designed to drip or brew just like traditional coffee, and taste and feel better than the real thing.  With Teeccino, “coffee” is no longer complicated.