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Tens, tens, tens across the board, Tenayo’s salsa are here to bring a little of that Mexican flavor and spice to enhance your dishes or your chips and warm your heart!
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Growing up in the Mexican city of El Tenayo, Arturo Cruz watched his mother make a family salsa that went with just about every meal, and years later in New York, Arturo was able to remember his mother’s home cooked sauce because it was made with six simple ingredients. Arturo worked hard to bring out those flavors he’d recalled in his youth, and with enough time and energy to revitalize and enhance these ingredients, he was able to bring about a perfectly balanced, roasted tomato salsa just like his mom used to make, and now he’s bringing it to us up north! 

What started out as the only slow-roasted salsa on the market is now changing the way that we enjoy Mexican food, and we’re so happy that we can enjoy the authentic taste of Mexico right in our very homes with Tenayo’s slow roasted to perfection tomato sauces and their organic black bean dip! Pair these delicious, gluten free, vegan salsas with your favorite meals or enjoy them as a perfect dip for your chips or tortas fritas. Tenayo’s has just the right amount of kick to bring to any meal or to share with family and friends, because a family that salsas together, stays together.     


Tenayo’s salsa and black bean dip are made with simple, non-GMO ingredients. Slow roasted to perfection, these salsas and dip can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to your meal or as a delicious dip for chips!