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The Amazing Chickpea

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Who we are

Having grown up with chickpeas as a staple in my childhood home, it was only natural that we continued to consume this super food once we had a family. To this day chickpeas hold a special place at our table. It is now with great pride, that I introduce The Amazing Chickpea Spreadable Chickpea Butter. It’s delicious and nutritious!

With all the obvious health benefits of The Amazing Chickpea, the greatest may be it's delicious flavor. While other "nut" butters have removed peanuts from their recipes, in a lot of cases, they've also removed the flavor. The beloved, iconic American peanut butter flavor, with its balance of sweet, salty and unique protein-rich flavor, is missing from most other spreads. Whereas that flavor profile is front and center in The Amazing Chickpea Spreads. With a mixture of chickpeas, sunflower seeds, olive oil and cane sugar, The Amazing Chickpea captures the essential flavor that people love so much. Most people are sure they are tasting peanut butter when they taste The Amazing Chickpea. If you are still in doubt, we would like you to try our Amazing Chickpea Butter and judge for yourself!

The Amazing Chickpea Spread
- The Amazing Chickpea is made without nuts, dairy or gluten ingredients.

- The Amazing Chickpea Spread Tastes like Peanut Butter and has No Nuts* in it. It's main ingredient is Dry-Roasted Chickpeas.

- *This product is processed in a facility that processes nuts.

- All products have a shelf life of over 12 months. Product does not need to be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

We believe quality ingredients yield amazing flavor. Our ingredients are wholesome, healthy and contain no artificial ingredients.

We use high-quality, dry roasted chickpeas.

Olive Oil
Pure olive oil is used to make our healthy, delicious spread.

Sunflower Seeds
High-quality, dry roasted sunflower seeds are used to make our spreads taste nuttier.

Sea Salt
Sea salt adds to the flavor of our Amazing Chickpea Butter.

Palm Oil
A small amount of palm oil (organic mechanically pressed) is used to avoid oil separation and stabilize our Amazing Chickpea butter spread.

Pure Cane Sugar
High-quality cane sugar is used to add sweetness to The Amazing Chickpea spreads.

2018 Mom's Meet Study


- In September of 2018 we participated in an independent study with the widely respected organization, Moms Meet, to get a true picture of how The Amazing Chickpea spreads were being received by kids and moms alike.

- The results were wildly positive. Kids loved the rich peanut buttery taste. Moms loved the lower fats, high proteins and no issues of peanut sensitivity.

- In fact 54% of moms rated The Amazing Chickpea spreads as “excellent” and another 35% as “good”. That’s almost a 90% approval rating!

- So when we say “Kids love it! Moms prefer it!” we’ve got proof.