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The Greek Secret

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We’re going to let you in on a little (Greek) secret - a healthy Mediterranean diet starts with Philotimo’s olives and extra virgin olive oil. Carefully hand-picked by farmers from the trees of olive groves located in the Messenian Planes of Greece, Philotimo uses a special type of olive, called the Koroneiki, to make their olive oil. What makes the Koroneiki olive so unique is that it grows only in Greece. It is well known for its high nutritional value in comparison to other olives - meaning that you’re getting the absolute healthiest olive oil with Philotimo. Cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting, this special extraction preserves the full nutritional value and health benefits of the olives. Grown using organic techniques and produced without the use of chemicals or industrial refining, Philotimo’s olives and extra virgin olive oil is of only the highest and purest quality, providing you with ample amounts of richness in antioxidants, fatty acids - and flavour! When you cook with Philotimo’s extra virgin olive oil, you will taste the quality and difference in your food. Philotimo’s selection of olives will take you on a trip to the Gulf of Messenia - and have you dreaming of a simpler, Mediterranean lifestyle.