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The traditional values of good, home cooking are the basis of The Vine’s sauces. The Vine believes that food should be 3 things: simple, fresh and nourishing, which is why their salsas are always made with fresh organic ingredients and spices and without the load up of sugar and salt for flavour. With a lower sodium content than other salsas, The Vine offers an authentic flavour experience made solely from wholesome, non-GMO ingredients, like vine-ripe juicy tomatoes, crisp jalapenos, and fresh onions. Full of vegetables and a bold blend of seasonings, The Vine’s plant-based sauces are a keto-friendly way to add a medley of flavours to your food! Inspired by her mother-in-law's home-cooked Sunday dinners and passion for high-quality tasting food, Eva Durante started The Vine with the intention of sharing delicious food straight from the vine to your table.