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This Little Goat

This Little Goat

This Little Goat is truly the GOAT when it comes to globe trotting. Going to different places like Tokyo, Korea and Yucatan to bring us the taste of these cultures right in the comfort of our own homes with mouthwatering sauces that truly Go On Any Thing!
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Chef and hard working mom Stephanie Izard found that cooking at home for her family was more taxing than cooking for the hundreds of patrons in her restaurant each night, and her biggest struggle when it came to making the at home menu was how to prepare new dishes that brought happiness and unique flavors to make her and her family’s meals more exciting! Using spices, sauces and crunches that were prepared in her professional kitchen, Stephanie was able to view these ingredients in a whole new way, using them to spice up her home dishes and creating new and innovative ways to enjoy these ingredients to the fullest extent. She wanted to create something that could “Go On Any Thing”, and thus, This Little Goat had been created! No more stressing about how to spice up your dishes, all you need is This Little Goat’s everything sauces for a fun and exciting way to liven up your meal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional chef like Stephanie, or you’re just starting on your cooking journey, This Little Goat’s sauces will bring a bit of fun and simplicity to any dish!   



Inspired by the versatility of these spices, but still wanting to maintain convenience in the kitchen, This Little Goat’s everything sauces take after its travels; Korea, Tokyo, Yucatan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. No need to take a vacation, now you can enrich your dishes with a drizzle of these everything sauces so your tastebuds can go on these journeys!