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Tillen Farms sets the bar high for how cocktail garnishes should taste. Free of any artificial dyes, our brined veggies, hand-stuffed olives and American-grown cherries feature produce picked at the peak of ripeness for year-round enjoyment. Mix and mingle these exceptionally delicious products with your favorite drinks and dishes to get the party started!

There are some products that aren’t the whole meal themselves but certainly make a meal whole. Some such products are the ones that Tillen Farms creates. Our pickled cucumbers and Asparagus could turn out to be your savior when you need something crunchy, juicy and utterly lip-smacking to add a zesty twist to your healthy meal, or to enjoy it as a side dish, or can be simply relished as it is.  

What we love about them is how easy it is to enjoy these simple yet tangy and sour pickled veggies! For a lot of you it could be the first time trying these delicious and healthy pickles, and while they can be enjoyed as it is, or cut into bite-sized pieces, you could even dip them in some mayo and enjoy the sweet and tangy blend of flavors. Chop them into smaller pieces to slide them into your favorite sandwich. Another great way to enjoy these juicy pickles is to chop them finely and add them to your lush green salad. 

Our must-have pickles for the healthy pickle-obsessed – 

Tillen Farms Spicy Pickled Classic Asparagus – This gluten-free vegan spicy pickled asparagus is beyond delicious. The tangy flavor along with the perfect amount of crunchiness makes it great for cocktails or can be added to any dish of your choice. There are no artificial preservatives and it’s Non-GMO, so you can enjoy this sweet and zesty veggie, guilt-free. 

Tillen Farms Pickled Baby Cucumbers – If you haven’t experienced some pickled and juicy deliciousness in a while, then brace yourselves because this gluten-free pickle is all about that flavorful and healthy life. Make a keto recipe or a keto snack, and add some chopped pickled cucumbers to it. The result will be beyond scrumptious and appetizing!