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Toonie Moonie Organics

Toonie Moonie Organics

Toonie Moonie’s Marshmallow Creme is here and we’re so over the moon excited to indulge in this nostalgic treat! Come down memory lane with us with this fluffy, sweet and organic confection, there’s nothing better than this!

When Petunia “Toonie Moonie” was just a young girl, her mother noticed that she’d loved three things in no particular order; art, a bit of mischief and a whole lot of sweets. Petunia, who was as sweet as the flower she was named after, loved to get into that mischief from time to time, which led to her mother asking; “Toonie Moonie, what are you up to now?” 

Growing up, little Petunia, of course, never abandoned her love of adventure, sweets, art, and mischief, and she passed that same rambunctious spirit and sweet tooth onto her children, whom she’d loved to the moon and back. Petunia wanted nothing more than for her children to enjoy their sweets, just like she had in her youth, but finding sweets that were both nostalgic and organic for her children were very hard for her to find. So Toonie Moonie decided, with the help of family and friends, to embark on a journey to create her favorite sweets healthier and better for her children and all those that wanted only the best sweets to enjoy, and thus created a small company called Toonie Moonie Organics, Ltd. 

Toonie Moonie Organics grew in a small converted garage turned into a certified organic commercial kitchen, and her first product line, marshmallow creme, which happened to be her favorite childhood sweet, was launched at the largest organic trade show and was a big hit! Now, everyone can enjoy this organic alternative to a childhood favorite, which is always made with integrity and a small touch of kindness.  


Toonie Moonie’s Organic Marshmallow Creme is the kosher certified, low sodium marshmallow fluff that you’ve been looking for! Enjoy this classic childhood favorite in anything from s’mores to rice crispies, even scoop a dollop on your favorite cocoa!