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Trail Truffles

Are you an avid hiker or biker? Do you struggle with finding snacks that not only fuel your body but are also made of clean, plant-based ingredients? Well, look no further because Trail Truffles have you covered. Born out of a need for an easy, on-the-go, protein source that wasn’t laden with refined sugar, and didn’t melt or freeze in polarizing climates.

With these no-fuss truffles, you’ll have a quick snack to nourish you through that intense hike. And don’t worry about having to eat them all at once, these truffles come in a resealable bag so all you have to do is pop a couple in your mouth, reseal the bag, and continue on your way. Easy as that!

These decadent, rich protein bites are inspired by the French truffle-making process, so you know they’re absolutely divine. Smooth, creamy, and packed with flavour, you’ll never have to worry about a healthy, clean snack alternative, again. See you on the trail!