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Traverse City Whiskey Co.

Looking for a way to elevate your cocktails to the next level? With Traverse City Whiskey Co.’s slow cooked and candied cherries, you’ll get just the right amount of sourness and sweetness to top with any cocktail!

In 2011, named after the uncomplicated city of Traverse in northern Michigan, co-founders Chris, Jared and Moti all shared the same idea after finding out that the old patents that Chris’s great-grandfather had for distilling whiskey on his family’s small cherry farm; to create small batch whiskey that bottled nothing but the best and adventurous spirit of northern Michigan. Starting out as a humble idea and turning it through hard work and determination into their wildest dream yet, Traverse City Whiskey Co.’s values shine through their work, to always follow passions, constantly support your friends, family, and neighbors, and do things with a quality that you’re proud to show! With a strong community backing them in Traverse City, Chris, Jared and Moti learned to appreciate the importance of the now, to drink up life as you would a fine whiskey, slow and savoring. To this day, these three like minded friends continue to imbue those values into their products, striving to continue creating new and innovative ways to keep the adventurous spirit of the “Up North” Michigan, Traverse City, alive for decades to come!     



Traverse City Whiskey Co.’s premium cocktail cherries are the perfect addition to any cocktail! Grown in the heart of the “cherry capital of the world”, these vegan friendly, low sodium cherries are prepared to perfection through a slow cooking process before being candied to bring out all of the natural, sour flavors, with a touch of sweetness.