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Tree Hugger

Wow! This is GUM-believable! With Tree Hugger products you can enjoy the chewiness and flavour of bubble gum, without any artificial ingredients! That’s right, Tree Hugger Bubble Gum is sure to make CHEW happy!
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Who doesn’t love the nostalgia chewing on bubble gum brings? Whether it’s for a quick sweet treat or to get the taste of something yucky off of your palette, bubble gum is loved for many reasons! 

About Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger was born because of the love the creators have for their children and gum! They wanted their children to be able to enjoy chewing bubble gum, without any artificial colours/flavours and chemicals that it typically comes with. While on the journey to find better gum for their kids, they realized that gum can not only taste great - but can have great benefits too! 

Tree Hugger proudly sponsors, a cause dedicated to planting trees in developing communities. Through a forest garden method it supports food security, consistent cash income, and improves natural resources! 

Tree Hugger Products

Tree Hugger bubble gum is made with natural flavours and vegan ingredients. Their bubble gum is free of artificial colours and provides the perfect taste and bubble! With flavours like Fantastic Fruit and Citrus Berry, you’ll be blowing bubbles all the way to the bottom of the bag! With Tree Hugger, you can “Chew Wisely” and “Chew Naturally”!