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Pure North

Pure North

Pure North’s mission is to provide natural hydration, with all the benefits of a plant-based energy blend. We believe that seltzer should be all-natural. Zero sugar. Zero calories. Zero artificial flavours and colours. Just real ingredients, real energy.

Constantly on the go and thirsty for your next adventure? You need a refreshing boost to guide you in the right direction — Pure North Energy Seltzer delivers all-natural hydration fueled by nature and inspired by the way you live life — full of natural energy.

Pure North Energy Seltzer is a refreshing plant-based energy drink that gives you all the fuel you need to get going on your next adventure.


It's not just another seltzer, it's a natural energy drink. Pure North is infused with caffeine from plants such as Guayusa, Ginseng, Guarana, and Green Tea. We didn't stop there—we added essential vitamins and minerals to give you an immunity boost so that you can feel good about fueling your body with everything it needs. And we kept out all the stuff that you don't need: no sugar or sweeteners of any kind—just pure natural hydration for a clean, crisp taste.