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We’re Vanderstreek, and we make bold and delicious non-alcoholic beers. We believe that sobriety can be fun and flavourful, without having to sacrifice the booze!

We're Vanderstreek, and we're all about making bold and delicious non-alcoholic beers that don't compromise on taste. From our super fresh IPAs, to our popping stouts, and creamy tripels—we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what you thought beer could be.

At Vanderstreek, we don't cut corners when it comes to brewing. We use only the best hops, malts, and yeasts because we know that's how you make the perfect beer. That's why we never settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to our craft beers. Our commitment to quality means that even our non-alcoholic beers are full of flavour and complexity—so you don't have to sacrifice taste for sobriety!