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Vilmas Swedish Organic

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About Vilmas Swedish Organic

- Vilmas is Sweden’s first fully organic crispbread bakery with a range of innovative products.

- Vilmas was founded in 2001 in Stockholm. For several years, Vilmas sold hand-made artisan bread to a handful of selected stores and restaurants in Stockholm. For Vilmas, it has always been a rule of thumb that truly great bread is baked by hand using natural ingredients without additives.

- In 2004 Vilmas started selling knäckebröd (traditional Swedish crispy bread). The first types of knäckebröd where rye, sesame and rosemary.

- Alex Cartwright is the man behind Vilmas. His ambition is to produce high quality crispbread with natural ingredients, without any additives. The bread is baked in small batches with organic wholegrain, spices and crushed rye. Since the products are baked with organic products which vary with the seasons and weather, the bread will never be exactly the same. “We believe this is part of living in harmony with nature”, says Alex.

-The organic range under the Vilmas brand is based on sourdough made from Scandinavian organic oats, herbs and spices and buckwheat seeds. 

Renewable energy & recycled packaging

- Our bakery runs on 100% renewable energy, sourced locally from water and wind.

- All of our paperboard and cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials and we strive to keep the use of plastics to an absolute minimum (for food safety).

The Bakery

- Vilmas makes all of it's products. They don't buy finished products from large factories in Slovakia or China, but take the time and care to bake everything themselves from scratch, including making theirown sourdough just outside Hofors, Sweden.

- The bakery is absolutely wheat-free and gluten-free. This also means that there are no products with gluten or wheat allowed in the production area and all the grains used are certified gluten-free.

- A bakery that was committed towards the care of environment and powered entirely by wind and water and uses only natural ingredients. 

- They only use simple and genuine ingredients that are naturally rich in fibre and protein such as pumpkin seeds and oats. Swedish Protein Deli products taste undeniably amazing without any chemical activities and we’re here to offer you simply the best.

- After three years of product development, they succeeded in baking 100% natural crispbreads and grain-free crackers with 40-60% protein and less than 5% carbs. The best part about their products? They taste great without having to compromise on taste even without grains. 


All our products are gluten-free

- Our bakery is dedicated gluten-free and wheat-free. That means that we don't allow any products containing wheat or gluten into the production area, so there is no risk of any contamination with wheat or gluten.

- Vilmas products are made with real ingredients. Most gluten-free crackers and crispbreads are a poor imitation of the real thing, based on cheap fillers (usually wheat starch, maize/corn starch or potato starch), with the help of a lot of chemicals with names like hydroxypropylmetylcellulosa and E471. Just what you've been looking for?

- We use real ingredients naturally high in protein and fibre with names like oats and pumpkin seeds. They taste good, without any help from factory labs.

- All grains we use are certified gluten-free and tested for gluten per batch. Finished products are regularly tested for gluten. We're happy to report that every single sample we've sent in to the lab has tested with less than half of the permitted amount of gluten in gluten free products (20 ppm). Usually the result is under 5 ppm (undetectable).

Safe to say, you will never miss the grains again! Right from their vegan grain-free crackers, or their organic and gluten-free crackers to protein cheese grain-free crackers, you’ll be spoilt for choice and taste!